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Original watercolors available unframed or in custom quarter-sawn oak frames in the arts and crafts tradition, handmade by master artisans.




Watercolor painting has been a part of my life since 1972.  I like the spontaneity and freshness of watercolor.  My style has been influenced primarily by the California tonalists of the early twentieth century.  Just as the tonalists, I am interested in capturing a subtle mood in my paintings.  The actual objects in the scene often act more as a backdrop for the painting’s atmospheric effects.


One of my favorite subjects has always been architecture, growing from an initial interest during the 1950s when I became impressed with the works of Frank Lloyd Wright.  Later, a respect for the older architectural styles led to a six year project of producing ink drawings of many local landmarks for the Canton Preservation Society.


Old trucks, cars, boats and bicycles also catch my attention, and at times have gotten me in trouble when I have tried to bring home some derelict vehicle that was in need of more work than I could handle.  Rather than haul them home now, I try to paint them where they lie.


My works in watercolor, pen & ink and mixed media are available through my website, home studio and at these galleries:



Quality architectural illustrations and renderings are provided with personalized service by working closely with the client.


My illustrations are made using a variety of traditional media:

watercolors, pen and ink and mixed media.


Illustrations are provided to the client in high resolution digital format, or as hardcopy, matted and shrink wrapped.


My love of architecture and art are brought together in illustrations that will  show your project in its best light.



The Watercolor Gallery

Laguna Beach, California


Camden Falls Gallery

Camden, Maine


The Copper Shop Gallery

East Aurora, New York

Norberg’s Art and Framing, East Aurora NY



Ohio Watercolor Society: Signature Member since 2001. This is one of the most challenging and prestigious state wide watercolor societies in the U.S.  It is a juried membership of high quality artwork.


Whiskey Painters of America:   Membership in this juried group is limited to only 160 artists in the U.S.  Artwork to be shown at WPA exhibits can be no larger than 4”x5” and must use whiskey as the paint medium; whiskeycolors.


... be what we are, and become what we are capable of becoming....  --Robert Louis Stevenson


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